CSR Overview

We do not believe in operating in a blinkered approach, solely driven on our own gain. We see the local and global environment as one of great importance and being able to have a positive impact on this as core to our responsibility to give back.

Each year, Altus Partners consultants endeavour to partake in a number of their own fundraising events, raising money for charities of their choice.

Alongside this Altus Partners consultants also nominate 3 charities each year to which Altus Partners will donate a portion of their profits. Each suggestion is accompanied by a compelling reason as to why we should donate to that charity; typically this is because Altus Partners employees may have been touched by that organization in some way. Altus Partners employees are also encouraged to take part in volunteering their time to the local community and are offered a day’s paid leave a year to take part in any such activities.

This year Altus Partners employees have nominated the following three charities to donate to.