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Our Values and Code of Conduct

All employees are expected to work and behave according to our company Values and Code of Conduct.

Our values


We aspire to be trusted by all those with whom we interact – by showing professionalism and integrity in our dealings with clients and candidates, by treating our colleagues with openness and sincerity, and by always being honest with ourselves as to the standard of our conduct.


As a business and as individuals, we can only succeed if we are willing to be responsible for all our actions. We take ownership of the
tasks we undertake, we show resourcefulness, we acknowledge difficulties but focus on creating the solutions, and we strive to be self-aware as there is always room to improve.


Originality makes us stand out, as members within the team, and as competition to our peer-group firms. Therefore, we remain
forward-thinking, open-minded in the face of new ideas, and constantly eager to develop personally and as a company. To claim to be ‘best in class’ we must engage intellectually with our chosen fields of expertise and show the passion behind our profession.


The greatest performers are the hungriest, the most committed, and those that love what they do. By embracing this, we will go the
extra mile and deliver even greater performance, and with a smile on our face and a collaborative spirit, we will inspire and empower our team-mates.


Regardless of what we may achieve, we always remain humble out of respect to our colleagues, and in acknowledgement that there will always be challenges ahead and new opportunities to better ourselves.

Our Code of Conduct

Employee and Manager Responsibility

Altus Partners employees should always carry out their duties in the best interests of the company, its clients and candidates. We
immediately report and take necessary action on any issues that place the company, its employees, clients or candidates at risk.

Business Practices

Altus Partners works according to our documented quality standards, work procedures and governance policies. We deliver high quality client procedures that achieve agreed goals and standards.

Work Environment

Altus Partners is a transparent workplace with a focus on our clients and candidates. We provide a safe and healthy work environment for our colleagues and our visitors.


Altus Partners is independently owned. We do not accept any form of bribery or corruption in the business.

Employment Practices

Altus Partners’ employees work according to our values and working practices.

Environmental Practices

Altus Partners seeks to reduce any harm to the environment through our operations. We use modern technology and act to reduce our use of resources that harm the environment.