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Diversity & Inclusion

We are here to create impact and a better industry for the future

We are committed to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion for ourselves and with our clients.

  • We promote a culture that actively values and respects difference and recognises that people from different backgrounds and experiences can bring valuable insights to the workplace and enhance the way we work.

  • We conduct a standardised recruitment process to remove unconscious biases when interviewing candidates.

  • We are compliant with relevant equality legislation, the Equality Act 2010, Codes of Practice and relevant best practice guidance. This policy pursues and builds on the statutory position to ensure effective policies and practice of promoting equality.

  • We pro-actively tackle discrimination or disadvantage and aims to ensure that no individual or group is directly or indirectly discriminated against for any reason with regard to employment or accessing its services.

  • We aim to network and enhance the conversation by attending events held by organisations such as BVCA, Level 20, and AAAIM.

“The message to clients and candidates is very simple; we have an extraordinary opportunity to establish a new normal in our industry by recruiting, nurturing and retaining the first truly diverse generation of professionals in industry. I would encourage individuals to approach senior leadership to influence change, I would encourage businesses to think of grassroots initiatives to encourage those who have been historically disadvantaged to apply to the industry, and I would encourage senior professionals from diverse backgrounds to mentor and guide those who need it.”