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Welcome to our first in a series of interviews with team members at Altus Partners. In this episode, we sit down with Patrick Gee, Principal of our Investor Relations practice.

Patrick tells us more about his role and how the IR team support clients with their executive searches.

Tell us a little more about your role in the business:

As a leader within our Investment Practice and the Head of Investor Relations & Distribution, my role at Altus Partners is to build on our long track record in this specialism. As well as delivering searches for a range of funds across Europe, I am also responsible for developing the IR Practice, recruiting into my team and expanding Altus’s presence across the UK and Europe. Additionally, I contribute to business projects that support Altus’s growth ambitions.

What does your Practice focus on:

I focus on a wide range of hires from Partner to Analyst. I specialize in two distinct areas: (1) impactful hires and team builds for first-time funds and emerging managers, and (2) senior sales/coverage roles for established distribution teams, large alternative managers, and globally recognised brands. My goal is to provide clients with a range of diverse range of exceptional talent, that can help them achieve their goals and growth ambitions.

What kind of clients do you partner with, and with what kind of searches:

As part of my IR/Distribution Practice, I work with some of the leading traditional and alternative asset managers across the UK and Europe to execute searches for Partner-level positions in fields such as Investor Relations, Distribution, Client Relationship Management, and Product Specialists. My clients vary from globally renowned investment firms and highly specialized funds in sector or strategy niches.

What is your approach to supporting businesses with their executive search:

Eight years working in this sector has afforded me a deep understanding of the industry and deeply entrenched networks, which will provide a natural starting place for a Search. However, I recognise that every mandate is different, with its own nuances, so designing a bespoke Search methodology depending on the business's specific needs is critical. For every mandate, I design a custom search methodology tailored to the specific needs of each business. This includes extensive research, due diligence, psychometric testing, mapping, interviewing, and assessment. My goal is to provide clients with the best-in-market candidates, benchmarked against their peers, in a clear and transparent way.

What do you expect the trends for early 2023 to look like within your area:

The macroeconomic environment has been turbulent, creating difficult fundraising conditions. This has caused a decrease in demand for general fundraising talent and an increase in demand for more specialised professionals who can create new distribution channels (i.e., an increase in capital inflows coming from Wealth channels). However, the market remains strong by historical standards, and despite the recent negative forecasts, investors are still confident enough to invest in private markets during this period of uncertainty. Funds that demonstrate consistent performance, those investing in Healthcare or Energy Transition, and those with a focus on Impact or ESG investing will remain attractive to Limited Partners.

What advice would you give to businesses looking to hire within their IR/Distribution teams:

Every search is different and requires a unique approach depending on the specific needs of the business, so there isn't a ‘one-size fits all’ advice. However, when hiring senior Fundraising talent, it is essential to ensure that all stakeholders involved in the search have a clear and precise understanding of the type of profile they are looking for. This means that the profile must be communicated clearly to each partner to ensure a consistent message to the interviewees. With an increase in demand for specialized Product specialists, choosing a search Partner who understands this market and can add layers and depth to their screening process is becoming increasingly important.

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