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Altus Partners is pleased to announce the launch of its Data & Analytics Practice. The new practice will connect private equity firms and their portfolio businesses with highly skilled professionals in data engineering, data science, machine learning, business intelligence and commercial analysis.

In today's data-driven business landscape, organisations recognise the immense value of reliable and actionable data insights. The demand for talented data and analytics professionals has surged as companies strive to leverage their data effectively to make informed and critical business decisions. Altus Partners aims to bridge this talent gap by providing comprehensive Executive Search services tailored to the data and analytics sector.

The Data & Analytics practice at Altus Partners will primarily support private equity firms and private equity-backed businesses in fulfilling crucial roles such as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Data Officer (CDO), Data Director, and Data Vice President (Data VP). By assisting in these critical appointments, Altus Partners enables firms to harness the power of data and analytics to inform decision-making processes throughout the investment lifecycle, including pre-deal due diligence and the hold phase.

"Data-driven decision-making has become a pivotal factor in determining the success of organisations across industries," said Ed Chamberlain, CEO at Altus Partners. "Private equity firms recognise the potential of data and analytics to drive growth, maximise performance, and unlock hidden value within their portfolio companies. Our Data & Analytics Executive Search Practice will provide a specialised and comprehensive approach to identifying top talent in this rapidly evolving field."

Altus Partners understands that a data-centric approach not only accelerates execution and fosters accountability but also uncovers new growth opportunities while ensuring sustainable value creation over the investment horizon. With the ability to track progress and identify areas of improvement, data-driven insights play a vital role in optimising performance and enhancing decision-making strategies.

"At Altus Partners, we believe that rigorous data and analytics capabilities are essential for companies to maintain their competitive edge," stated Roddy Coltart, Head of the Data & Analytics Practice. "Our team has an in-depth understanding of the industry's evolving needs and the skill sets required to navigate complex data landscapes. We are dedicated to helping private equity firms build robust data and analytics functions by connecting them with the best talent available."

In an era where big data and analytics present a continuous challenge in processing and interpreting vast datasets, professionals specialising in data engineering are crucial. These experts are uniquely qualified to transform complex raw data into valuable insights and leverage data visualisation techniques to present findings clearly and comprehensively. Proficiency in tools like SQL, data mining, data management, data warehousing, data modelling, data architecture, data governance, and data quality is paramount for success in this field.

The launch of Altus Partners' Data & Analytics Practice marks a significant milestone in the firm's commitment to providing comprehensive recruitment solutions tailored to the evolving needs of the financial industry. By connecting private equity firms with top talent in data and analytics, Altus Partners aims to empower organisations to leverage data as a strategic asset and drive sustainable growth.

For more information about Altus Partners and their new Data & Analytics Executive Search Practice, please visit or contact Roddy Coltart