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GDPR Policy

​For the purpose of this document, Altus Partners Ltd will be referred to as ‘The Company’ and the candidate (name in the line below) will be referred to as ‘I’, ‘You, ‘Your’.

I understand that The Company’s clients will consist of all businesses with which Altus Partners Ltd have an active business relationship or are engaged in business for the purpose of recruitment and HR.

I understand that the processing and sharing of my personal data are necessary for The Company’s purpose of recruitment, marketing and business development.

Providing consent The Company is committed to complying with the GDPR with regard to processing your data. If you are to give consent, it must be:

·        Freely given

·        Specific

·        Informed

·        Unambiguous


I hereby give consent to The Company to process the following information:

·        Name

·        Date Of Birth

·        Contact details, including telephone number, email address and postal address

·        Experience, training and qualifications

·        CV

·        National Insurance number

·        Driving License number

·        Bank details


Sensitive Personal Data:

·        Disability/health condition relevant to the role

·        Criminal convictions relevant to the role

·        Ethnicity


I consent to The Company processing the above personal data for the following purposes:

·        For The Company to provide me with permanent or temporary work-finding services

·        For The Company to process with or transfer my curriculum vitae/personal data to their clients in order to provide me with work-finding services

·        Process my data for the purposes of maintaining an internal record

·        For The Company to process my data onto recruitment portals with a view to potential clients contacting me in relation to temporary or permanent work-finding services.


The Company have kept this form separate from your other terms and conditions so that you understand it is a separate agreement. Your consent to The Company’s use of your data by signing this form is separate from your agreement to your terms and conditions of employment.

There will be no repercussions if you choose to withhold consent and your data will not be used in the ways set out in this form. If you give your consent, your data will be processed in line with The Company’s Data Protection policy.

The consent I give to The Company will last for as long as necessary for the purpose it was collected, and once The Company no longer need it, it will be deleted or anonymised. I am aware that I have the right to withdraw my consent at any time by completing a written Candidate Withdrawal Form. If completed and signed electronically your digital signature will be legally binding.